Friday, September 24, 2004

Chapter 2

Oh Chapter 2, what a delightful chapter it was. This chapter actually made some great points that I think people are quick to forget in their lives. The part that caught my attention the most was when the book talked about misconceptions in communication. Most notably to me was the fact that different words mean different things to different people. I think as a whole people are quick to assume that their definition of a word is everybody else's definition as well. Perhaps this is just one of those annoying American things (b/c yes we think the world revolves around us) or is common throughout the work places in societies all over. Megan gave a good example of this when talking about how the word love may seem to have a universal meaning, but it some cases may have very different meanings. If people just took a minute to explain a little more this could be a problem that is easily corrected. You wouldn't want to be that American in Nigeria giving the thumbs up b/c you would probably get beat up!

I think that is so important for people to remember that there should be goals in their communications with others. Because we're all so busy everybody just talks and talks instead taking the time to build relationships with the people their talking too. This is even more so prevalent in work places and goes against the grain in having harmony among everyone. Luckily I work for family that understands the building of a bond between employee and employer. I am confident in going to my boss and talking to her about whatever it is that is on my mind because she has made me feel that this is something that is ok. I only wish that more people were fortunate enough to work in conditions such as mine because I think it takes a lot of stress out of the work day.

Gage had a great story that seemed to sum the entire chapter. Perhaps like the guy we should all get our bosses tickets to the Producers.


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