Monday, November 01, 2004

"Unmade in America"


Harper's bazaar posed quite a few question marks when looking at the "command and control" model that has become an intricate part in the way major corporations are run in this country. No longer is Henry's Ford model of production relevant, but rather the global assembly line that has left the jobs of the American people at the doorstep of foreign workers as Steph has pointed out.

This is to say that the very computer (a Dell in fact) I am typing on has had its parts made in array of countries spanning the oceans of the world. As Michelle says, it is for the sake of time and that evil dollar. Yes I did in fact say "countries". One part perhaps was made in China, while another was made in India. The list of countries could easily go on to fill up a large amount of my 250 words, but this time I shall spare the reader in an attempt to finish this assignment Needless to say that this new way of production has caused an immense dependency on other countries for parts and pieces that could easily be produced say here in the great white way (no pun intended).

This should scare you the reader and everyone else for that matter. Catastrophes of natural and man made state are becoming an epidemic knocking on the door of the world. Due to this fact, the disruption of the line of productions is bound to be affected. One needs not look further than September 11 to see how one instance of less than 20 minues could complete shut down an entire means of completing the production of goods.


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